10 commonly used English jargon phrases

When we talk about jargon, it is an alternate phrase or words used in a particular context or by a particular group that is might be difficult for non-group members to understand. You often find jargon phrases used in corporate or workplace settings. In a new work environment you might hear your colleagues or supervisor using unusual turns-of-phrase that you haven’t heard before.

However, these metaphors and phrases certainly have a meaning. Here are ten popular phrases that you might frequently come across at your place of work:

  • Blue-sky thinking – It means an idealistic view without having any practical application.
  • To think out of the box – It means to think beyond your limits. In the workplace, it means to creatively consider elements outside the boundaries of your job description.
  • The helicopter view – It means to give an overview of a project or a job.
  • Get our ducks in a row – It means to organize and put everything in order.
  • To pick the low hanging fruit – It means to select the easiest option or avenue to get the assignment done or to appeal to the easiest to reach customers.
  • Cubicle farm – It refers to the unit of office that comprises of worker’s cubicles.
  • Win-Win situation – This refers to a solution where all the parties are pleased with the results.
  • Desk job – This term refers to a job that is carried out from a desk, rather than standing or outside the office.
  • Kept in the loop – This phrase is commonly used to mean a person who is updated about what’s going on with a particular project or a plan.
  • From scratch – It means to start the work from the very beginning.

Next time when you come across these phrases, you will know exactly what they mean. Don’t misinterpret the words and perhaps fall into and embarrassing situation.